BOULDER, Colo. – May 9, 2019 – PRLog — SunTech Drive is pleased to announce the commissioning of its project with Southern California Edison (SCE), providing solar power for cooling at a dairy farm in Hanford, CA. Rosa Bros Dairy will benefit from lower electricity charges while maintaining peak system performance.  The project will quantify the benefits of SunTech’s PicoBlender for dairy fan energy consumption, where the system will offset utility consumption using solar photovoltaic energy during the day.

SunTech Drive’s PicoBlender solar controller automatically maximizes the use of free solar energy during the day.  During dawn, dusk, or cloudy weather the system automatically blends power from the utility grid with solar power to provide 100% of the energy required by the fans.  At night the PicoBlender provides all power that is needed from the utility grid. SunTech Drive’s innovation allows for distributed generation where the power is needed, without creating intermittency for the grid.  SunTech’s PicoBlenders will be controlled using an Internet of Things (IoT) approach in the cloud, giving both SCE and the dairy operator the ability to monitor and control operation of individual fans, or the whole system as an aggregate load.

“We are very excited to be partnering with such notable partners on a project with vast implications for the future of the grid,” said Nikola Milivojevic, Chief Technology Officer of SunTech Drive.

SunTech Drive offers a number of IoT and solar-ready variable frequency drives. These drives work with any electric motor regardless of voltage, frequency, and phase. Each motor is an intelligent distributed end-node, thanks to SunTech’s universal support of multiple analog and digital sensors. Today, SunTech Drive’s products are deployed around the globe in implementations including livestock cooling, water pumping, and oil and gas developments.

About SunTech Drive:

SunTech Drive develops and manufactures advanced power electronics and provides turnkey smart nanogrids in a variety of industries including oil & gas, agriculture, aquaculture, and waste-water treatment.


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