SunTech Drive’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Jeff Lints recently traveled to Pickens, South Carolina to visit Scott Hunt, aka Engineer775, at Practical Preppers. While visiting, Jeff brought a PicoCell 2000 unit and described the product’s unique capabilities as a solar drive, its diverse applications, the development of SunTech Drive products.

In addition to the discussion of the PicoCell 2000, Scott referenced the PicoBlender 2500, a separate SunTech Drive product which is able to effectively and affordably blend solar power and utilize grid power to maintain continuous operation of pumps and motors. SunTech Drive’s PicoBlender solar controller automatically maximizes the use of free solar energy during the day.  During dawn, dusk, or cloudy weather the system seamlessly blends power from the utility grid with solar power to provide 100% of the energy required by the fans.  At night the PicoBlender provides all power that is needed from the utility grid. SunTech Drive’s innovation allows for distributed generation and power blending where the power is needed, without a utility net-metering contract.

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