Our PicoCell architecture simplifies and cost reduces solar pumping installations. See how the leapfrog from legacy electromagnetics to high speed switching silicon and adaptive firmware transforms the solar nanogrid marketplace. See how our design approach is different and examples of the cost savings.

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1.16 billion people (17% of the world’s population) have no access to electricity.  59% of all electric motors worldwide are in the nanogrid power band (≤5HP).  The primary application of all nanogrids is to provide access to water for both agriculture and human consumption.  Off-grid expansion of wireless networks is another high growth segment of the nanogrid market.

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Most efficient off-grid nanogrid controllers on the market.

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SunTech Drive delivers the most efficient off-grid nanogrid controllers on the market.  Our patent pending designs represent a dramatic departure from the large and costly legacy controllers of the past.  We replace legacy electromagnetic cores and windings with high speed digital switching silicon and adaptive firmware.  Not only does this result in controllers that are an order of magnitude smaller and lighter it also allows us to incorporate multiple system components into one integrated controller. 

Our devices incorporate a variable frequency drive, MPPT controller, voltage boost and inverter in one tightly integrated offering.  Our use of adaptive firmware allows us to serve as a UNIVERSAL controller. Today’s core and winding based controllers need to be custom designed and built for each and every pump on the market leading to a complex set of products for customers and distributors alike.  Our adaptive firmware allows our controllers to universally support both single and three phase devices; 50Hz and 60Hz; 120, 230 and 380V, etc.

Most compellingly, our nanogrid controllers require only one-third to one-half the solar PV capacity of legacy controllers to run any nanogrid scale load.  This represents a 40% or 50% reduction in total project cost for most solar pumping deployments.  This lower need for PV panel capacity makes solar a much more economically compelling and renewable alternative to diesel power.

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