Analog Sensor Board

Off Grid Solar Pump Controller


The sensors can be powered from the Analog Sensor Board’s 3.3VDC or 5VDC voltage rails, and then by connecting the sensor outputs to the Analog Sensor Board the signals can be sampled and forwarded to the Wireless Communication Portal. The Wireless Communication Portal allows customers to access sensor data in real time, as well as historical sensor data so that long term trends can be found and systems can be optimized.


The Wireless Communication Portal can be accessed remotely using a standard browser and either a desktop computer or smartphone device. Any sensor that can be powered off of 3.3VDC, or 5VDC, and has a DC voltage output between 0-5VDC can be used. This allows for flexible implementations that can be tailored to the customer’s needs and unique applications.




  • Run single phase AC motor off of Solar PV without batteries
  • Run single/three phase AC motor with same size Solar PV as BLDC motor
  • Eliminates need for control box for 3 wire single phase AC motor
  • Universal unit – single/three phase, 50 or 60Hz, 120V or 230Vac
  • Small size fully enclosed unit with passive design – no moving parts
  • Works with or without battery bank
  • WiFi, Cellular and LoRa communication modules are optional
  • Operating status conditions indicated by multicolor LEDs
  • Soft-start feature to increase pump and system life



MPPT operating voltage: 100-380Vdc
PV panels open circuit voltage: 400Vdc
Minimum operating PV voltage100Vdc
Maximum PV panel current:  9Adc
Single phase AC motor power: 1.5HP
Three phase AC motor power:  2HP       Protections: Over current, overvoltage                                     and over temperature

Optional: WiFi, cellular or LoRa comm module                


Degree of protection: NEMA4/IP66
Enclosure material: Cast Aluminum
Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C
Dimensions:  10″x5.5″x4″
Solar terminal: AWG#10-14
Motor terminal: AWG#10-14
Sensor terminal: AWG#14-18
Cooling: passive – no fan


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