Battery Hybrid


The Pico Battery Hybrid Controller is an accessory device for the PicoCell series controller, adding functionality for 24/7 operation by providing seamless battery backup and power blending. In conjunction with the Battery Hybrid controller, PicoCell is the only variable frequency drive on the market that runs single and three phase AC loads.

The Pico Battery Hybrid provides a high degree of flexibility in configuring solar battery backup systems. It can even provide inputs for 2 different PicoCell controllers of off the same battery bank if desired. The PicoCell fully controls charging and discharging operation of the batteries, so that their State of Charge (SoC) can be remotely monitored using PicoCell’s communication modules.

The Pico Battery Hybrid controller is suitable for fractional horse-power AC motor loads with critical operating duty cycles, such as pond aeration systems, potable water pumps, aquaculture and farm fisheries, etc.



  • Full variable frequency drive operation of AC motors while supplied by low voltage AGM battery
  • Maintains full power 24/7 for critical AC loads: pumps, compressors, fans, etc.
  • Provides flexibility in designing battery backup AC motor systems
  • Suitable for any AC motor load: pump, compressor, fan
  • Passive design with no moving parts
  • Operating status conditions indicated by multicolor LEDs




    Battery input voltage range: 48-120Vdc

    Maximum Battery current: 30Adc

    Solar PV operating voltage range: 48-400Vdc

    Maximum Solar PV current: 30Adc

    Auxiliary DC power: 12Vdc, 0.5A

    Remote control enabled by:

         – PicoCell or

         – Programmable timer relay      


    Degree of protection: NEMA4/IP66

    Enclosure material: Die cast Aluminum

    Operating temperature: -40°C to 65°C

    Dimensions: 8″x4.5″x3″

    Power terminals: AWG#8-14

    Control/Sensor terminal: AWG#14-22

    Cooling: Passive/no fan


    The PicoCell unit in combination with Battery Hybrid controller is probably the only device in the market that has VFD control over AC motors while backed up by low-voltage AGM batteries. The system uses solar energy during the day to charge the batteries, and operate 120Vac AC motor loads during the nighttime per duty cycle programmed by customer or via a timer relay.

    The PicoCell knows a battery’s State of Charge (SoC) at any given time, and reports it to the customer via built in communication module (WiFi or Cellular).


    Daytime Mode – Solar PV is directly supplying power to the battery (charging), while PicoCell is monitoring the battery charging current and voltage (state of charge). The MPPT algorithm operates during charging mode by using AC load (such as a pump) as a diversion load managed by PicoCell .

    Night Mode – PicoCell can be remotely programmed via an optional communication module to follow certain night time operation patterns. That involves running the AC load (pump/compressor) per a predefined duty cycle, using the power from the battery that was charged during the day from Solar PV.

    External Timer Mode– This mode is similar to Night Mode but the duty cycle can be defined by using an external timer relay instead of programming the PicoCell remotely.