Evaporation Pond

Evaporation ponds are used in a variety of industries including oil & gas, mining and salt farming. Whether the objective is to evaporate waste water or harvest salt, the approach is the same. Applying energy to atomize water or otherwise accelerate the passive rate of evaporation needs to done cost effectively. Many installations today rely on diesel powered pumps or generators which are only marginally profitable. Other locations currently rely on natural, passive evaporation rates because diesel systems do not provide a positive return on investment. Some locations also have to contend with the challenges associated with freezing temperatures during the winter months.

 SunTech Drive has developed sophisticated evaporation pond solutions incorporating surface based elements such as misting nozzles and liner drip lines during warm  temperatures that automatically switch to subsurface elements such as compressed air diffusers when winds gust or temperatures drop. All of these mechanical elements are driven  by common solar PV assets to optimize ROI. The system is comprised of multiple autonomous zones each driven by small pumps and compressors taking advantage of the  variable drive and boost capability of the PicoCell. Integral communications and sensor inputs allow for the incorporation of sophisticated sensor networks measuring wind speed and direction, air and water temperature, humidity, etc.  Enhanced evaporation rates up to 6X the passive rate can be achieved with no variable operating expense.  ROIs can be less than 1 year.