Pool Pumps and Heaters

Pool pumps and heaters typically represent the second largest power load behind HVAC. Residential pools generally can be effectively turned and filtered by running the pump during the daylight hours making them an ideal candidate for offloading from the grid. In areas of high power costs such as Califonia, Hawaii, the Carribean, and parts of Southern Europe, being able to offload the operation of the pump can represent dramtic cost savings.
Commercial pool operators not only need to operate their pumps for longer or continuous duty cycles, they typically have water features such as fountains or waterfalls that require a constant flow rate regardless of the cloud cover. SunTech’s power blending functionality allows for these features to operate consistently as clouds pass by or as day turns to night. During the passage of a cloud when the solar irradiance level may drop from 100% to say 85%, the system seamlessly “blends” power from the solar array and the power grid. This allows for the maximum offloading of energy cost to solar without sacrificing any performance. For commercial operators this has the added benefit of being able to show off their green eco-friendly credentials to customers with visible solar panels and signage and even a real-time display showing the offloading of the pool pump.