Potable Water


Potable water is a well-suited application for off-grid solar pumping. Diesel driven pumps and the electrical grid are common methods for supplying drinking water to residential areas.  However, smaller villages in rural areas and developing countries have limited access to grid power. Drawing grid power out to rural areas is not cost effective nor are the ongoing operating expenses of diesel powered pumps.This results in difficulty obtaining sufficient drinking water requiring residents to travel many miles to reach a potable water source.


SunTech Drive offers an affordable solution by harnessing the energy from the sun to power water pumps in areas with unstable grid power. The turnkey kits we provide include the pump, an appropriately sized solar array complete with panels, racking, cabling, disconnect and the PicoCell to control it all. The well pumping kit also works with a genset or electricity backup. The small sized universal controller is weather proof, durable, automatic, and only requires a simple hook up. SunTech Drive’s PicoCell provides a simple yet effective solution to the challenges that developing countries and rural areas face. The result is a clean and safe water source that is centralized within a community making water more accessible to all its residents.