Pumps, compressors, fans, and other motors may need to run when solar power is unavailable. The SolSwitch provides safe and simple manual power transfer between solar and an AC generator, or the grid, using either a single or three phase power source.



Many pumps, compressors, fans and other AC motors may need to run when solar power is unavailable. Examples include unusually cloudy weather, backup power situations, or nighttime operation. When combined with the PicoCell controller the SolSwitch provides AC backup capability by using utility grid or generator power as an alternate power source. For those critical applications where daily solar power has to be supplemented with AC power, the SolSwitch allows the customer to – both safely and simply – manually switch the power from the PicoCell (solar driven), to an AC power source (directly driven).

The SolSwitch is controlled by a robust industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which provides optional features, including external sensors, a programmable timer and more. For special applications, it is possible to configure automatic power transfer from solar to the grid/generator power with the SolSwitch.

The Solswitch comes with a standard DC disconnect built in, and can be configured with additional protections such as Ground Fault Detection (GFD) for use in open water applications, such as aquaculture or swimming pools.


  • A safe and simple manual transfer switch between solar power and AC grid/generator, single or three phase power source
  • Accessory to the PicoCell controller
  • Powers single/three phase AC motors, 50/60Hz, 120V/230Vac
  • Includes DC disconnect for Solar PV system – no need for additional solar disconnect
  • All SolSwitch components are UL listed
  • Operated by a PLC device which provides flexibility for custom applications



AC grid/generator input voltage: 90-240Vac

Maximum AC grid/generator input current: 10Aac

Maximum PV panels open circuit voltage: 380VOC

Minimum operating PV voltage: 100Vdc

Maximum PV panel current: 9Adc

Maximum Single/Three phase motor SF AMPS: 10Aac/8Aac

AC motor voltage: 120/240Vac


Degree of protection: NEMA4/IP66

Enclosure material: Steel

Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C

Dimensions: 16″x12″x8″

Solar/AC power terminals: AWG#10-14

Sensor terminal: AWG#14-18

Cooling: Passive/no fan