The Universal Controller

Existing solar pumping solutions on the market utilize a combination of either industrial variable frequency drive (VFD) and off-the shelf AC pump combination, or customized DC pump with its own proprietary controller. In the first case, if industrial VFD operates the AC pump, it requires at least 10 solar PV panels to get over operating voltage threshold, regardless of the pump power. On the other hand, customized solar DC pumping systems’ solar PV panels match pump’s power, but are very costly and difficult to distribute worldwide.

The Universal Solar controller – PicoCell, puts AC pumps on the solar PV parity with customized DC solar pumping systems, which makes the solar water pumping system very attractive due to system’s lower cost. PicoCell controller can run any available AC pump off of solar, making global distribution fairly easy and ubiquitous worldwide.

PicoCell can run either single or three phase pumps, both 120 and 230Vac voltage level, and 50 or 60Hz, just by selecting the correct DIP switch combination that matches AC pump’s parameters. When used as standalone solar only powered system, the PicoCell takes solar PV as an input, while output wires are connected to the AC motor-pump.

True merits of PicoCell solar pump controller are in its universality, where the same unit can run any AC motor load: pump, compressor, fan, etc. The unit generates true sinewave with variable frequency so to match the available power coming from solar PV with pump power at all times.




PicoCell equally runs single phase and three phase AC pumps, even single phase 3-wire that are hugely distributed all over United States. Industrial VFDs don’t have an ability of running single phase AC loads because they are designed to be grid connected. Furthermore, PicoCell is utilizing cutting edge SiC high switching mosfet devices, which not only results in 92-95% range efficiencies, but also contributes to unit’s compactness due to low operating losses.

The theme of PicoCell technology is to have reliable and robust hardware, while shift entire operational complexity to software, which is flexible and adaptable to given application.