About SunTech Drive

SunTech Drive’s vision is simple – to democratize solar. We believe in providing an easy solution to solar water pumping, pond aeration, ventilation, and a range of other applications so that people around the world have access to clean, renewable power. We care about driving innovation within the renewables industry to make clean energy, easy.

Our Mission

SunTech’s purpose is to make the application of alternative energy sources simple, accessible, and cost effective. At SunTech, helping people is what drives us. Innovation is the result. We are visionary leaders who believe that people around the world should have access to clean, affordable energy. We deliver a range of solutions using leading-edge technology that makes solar energy more accessible and affordable. As solar power becomes a viable alternative to traditional electrical systems, SunTech focuses on technological innovation to drive change. Whether it’s providing clean drinking water or creating more sustainable farming practices, solar power is a step towards a healthier, brighter future.

Who We Are

Merely an idea 5 years ago, SunTech Drive is now poised to develop into a major player in the power electronics and energy IoT markets.

What We Do

SunTech Drive provides source-agnostic, intelligent power conversion equipment.  Our patent pending designs represent a dramatic departure from the large and costly legacy controllers of the past. SunTech has replaced traditional electromagnetic cores and windings with high-speed digital switching silicon and adaptive firmware. Not only does this result in controllers that are smaller and lighter than before, but also allows us to incorporate multiple system components into one environmentally friendly integrated controller.