Management Team

Dr. Nikola Milivojevic: CTO

Dr. Nikola Milivojevic is an energetic entrepreneur with strong technical background, and experience with managing research and development teams in the renewable energy sector. He is the CTO of SunTech Drive, setting the technology development and strategy.

Previously, he was Vice President at Bright Energy, the company that acts as a think-tank in the energy storage space. Nikola led a research team that developed compressed air energy storage system, as a part of the NAVY project in 2013/14. For the purpose of that project, Nikola put together the team of 20 engineers and successfully developed 100kW, 400kWh compressed air thermal energy storage system, which was tested by NAVY specification.

Prior to that he was the Director of Engineering at Southwest Windpower, a company that was a leader in small wind industry, with more than quarter a million wind turbines sold. Nikola led a team of dozen engineers, developing scalable turbine controllers, and doing value engineering to existing units of a product line. He personally was involved in certification testing with UL and GL, where Skystream 3.7 was the first turbine to be certified in a small wind turbine industry. The technology Nikola developed was acquired by Xzeres Wind and Primus Wind, companies that are still selling those wind turbines worldwide.

Nikola was also a founder of MagDrive, a start-up company that was developing electronic controllers for wind and solar industry. In 2011 Nikola was a Principal Investigator on the project granted by WE Energies, a Wisconsin utility.

Dr. Milivojevic earned his PhD at Illinois Institute of Technology, and his MsC and BS from Electrical Engineering school from University of Belgrade. He published several journal papers and few dozen conference papers on renewable energy, and also holds few patents.

In 2005 Dr. Milivojevic led a team of students at World recognized International Future Energy Challenge that won a first prize at finals in Chicago, IL. The President of Serbia, Mr. Boris Tadic, honored Dr. Milivojevic’s team with “Mihailo Pupin Award”, the highest national prize for the innovation in technology and science. In addition, Serbian independent daily magazine DANAS listed Nikola Milivojevic as one of 100 most successful Serbians in 2005.

Dr. Yusuf Gurkaynak: Chief Engineer

Dr. Yusuf Gurkaynak is an experienced system engineer with strong technical background and analytical skills in power electronics, motor drives, control and automation systems. Previously, he was a system control engineer with Bright Energy and a senior engineer at Southwest Windpower. Dr. Gurkaynak is also an Adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. He developed a graduate level curriculum for a course in adjustable speed drives as a part of a Department of Energy grant.  Dr. Gurkaynak earned his PhD from the Illinois Institute of technology in the area of neural networks and adaptive control algorithms.