Modern aquaculture science relies on the use of aeration to optimize yields in both fresh and salt water installations.  Since these facilities are often in very remote areas without a ubiquitous power grid as well as in islanded areas where the cost of electrical power is extremely high, it is an ideal candidate for the use of solar power.

Due to the need to provide aeration after dark to maintain critical O2 levels once natural photosynthesis driven oxygenation has ceased, solar power alone is often not sufficient.  SunTech’s Pico architecture addresses this with its combination of PicoCell solar controllers and Hybrid Controller modules.  The combination of these devices allows for the seamless blending of power from solar and other sources such as the grid, diesel gensets and batteries.  The system works equally well with pump, compressor or paddle wheel driven aeration.


As cloud cover comes over or day turns to night, the system will automatically draw power from the grid or other source as needed to maintain full power.  In areas of high power cost where only periodic night time operation is required, the system can be run in a timer mode at night to further reduce operating costs.